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This is where businesses grow with joint effort, effortlessly.



Selling can be effortless

Turn happy customers into your advocates

Transform customers' reviews to even more sales. Make your customer your brand advocates through rewards and engagements.

Here's what you get with Sharkbate.

See what is supporting your success

Keeping happy customers happier

When your customers are happy, they bring more customers to you. Reward loyalty for the long run.

Focus on star products

Build your brand with your star products. Identify the best-selling products and sell even more.

Precise customer behavior

Big data for small tweaks to achieve great success using heat map to trace consumer behaviour.

Build potentials, not competitions

Create greater opportunities by sharing resources, knowledge and insights.

Choose who to sell your products

Maximize the marketing impact for your products by choosing the right people to sell for you, effortlessly.

Omni channel sales funelling

Direct the customers from all your social media pages to a single platform, with all datas intact.


Growing can be delightful

Nothing great is built alone.

Starting a business is a wonderful journey. Growing it with the right team will make it greater. Join forces with the best people so you can build greater ideas into reality faster.

Expand your brand awareness through various channels

Meet Sharkpeers.

You have great products but don’t know how to engage with customers?

Here at Sharkbate, we facilitate collaborations between businesses and influencers to achieve better sales results for you. Let people who are good at selling sell for you.

Result transparency.

You have always wanted to partner with others but unsure if you could trust them?

Every successful transaction, be it via reward distribution or via actual sales, you are able to trace in your dashboard at one go. Collaborations made simple.

Guaranteed marketing ROI

You feel confused when you spend on marketing but the results were unclear?

You know your business best so it is only fair that you decide how much to spend base on your marketing budget. Only successful sales conversion will be paid out to Sharkpeers.


Opportunities are all around you

Invite new merchants

Love it, share it, earn from it. Refer Sharkbate to a new merchant. What you speak about us is worth so much more. Plus, each successful invitation is worth RM50.

Earn from your passion

Make every business your business. Because you are great at sharing. Choose from a range of products to share and earn from doing what you do best.

The value of your influence, redefined

When you become our VIP (Very Important Partner), your sharing is worth so much more. The better you sell, the higher the commission you will get. You might even get special sponsorship from Private Reward.

Build better business
with Sharkbate.