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Opportunities come to those who are prepared.

Foodie and travel kaki

Lights, camera, action! Whether you are a profesisonal blogger/vlogger or beginner who loves sharing things like this, we have a place for everyone.

Gadget pros and Gurus

You are ready to share your honest opinions on most gadgets you have and sharing deep insights on every detail. You could even teach your followers a thing or two.

Fashion and Lifestyle

From the household products to promoting a healthier lifestyle, you could be the fashionista or a super mama (or dada). You are just the one we are looking for.

Be the people behind successful businesses

Share the joy, share the earnings too.

Get paid for every conversion

  • Share about Sharkbate and refer businesses to try Sharkabte. You will get paid for every successful initial top up.
  • Share about any products you love in Sharkbate to anyone. You will earn payouts by sellers for every successful sales.

Result transparency

  • Every payouts are stated clearly in Campaign. You get to choose what you want to share. Sharing with passion will be most helpful.
  • Every successful transaction, be it via reward distribution or via actual sales, you are able to trace in your dashboard at one go.

What is Very Impressive Partner?

  • Get recognized as the top sharer or the top conversion partner to earn the VIP status. We have got more surprises for you.
  • When you get the VIP recognition, more opportunities will come to you from our merchants. All you need to do now is share with passion.

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