Grow with people

Social connections, reimagined. Grow with the right people.


Making Impressions

Prepare your brand to meet Sharkpeers

Increase your brand's visibility

Marketing your brand is easy and practical in Sharkbate. Establish brand impressions with your untapped potential clients by utilising other's connection.
Let our Sharkpeers help you spread the vouchers, introduce your brand, and share their experiences. People to people.

How does it work

See what is supporting your success

Choose a template

Build your mobile sales page or e-Voucher to kickstart the journey.

Upload your product photos

Nice photos and detailed information helps people understand your brand.

Publish the list

Sharkpeers will see your page/rewards with the commission amount.

Auto commission payout

Trace the best performing sales by audience/Sharkpeers to gain insights.

Report and repeat

Daily and monthly reports to help you make better business decisions.


Create a customer who creates customers

Gaining new vs Retaining old.
Why not both?

Ads are a good way to gain customers if done right.
But having people who love your brand to market for you will definitely make things twice as easy. People to people, via any channel.
Imagine you can now use a digitalised Word of Mouth (WOM) tool to distribute to your Sharkpeers and existing customer through any channel.
Everything is traceable, accountable, and transparent.

Expand your brand awareness through various channels

Get account

Getting an account is easy. For RM500, you get full POS system, unlimited creation of sales pages and vouchers, and access to Sharkpeers. Plus, 500 credits to spend on Sharkpeers commission payout.


Have all your product photos ready. Upload, fill in product details, and publish. Everyone in Sharkbate dashboard will be able to see your postings. Let the sharing begin.

Pay Commission

You have control on the budget you want to spend on the products you want to sell. No more shocking bills at the end of the month or ever.

Who is our Sharkpeer?

Grow your brand with Sharkpeer in one place

Upload Rewards/Product

Publish your rewards or products in the mobile app directly from your own dashboard. Reach the users and their friends and families.

Claim/Purchase by customers

When your have new orders, you will get notification and real time transaction logs. For claimed rewards, you will get audience details.

Auto commission payout

Worry-free experience on the commission calculation. Every sales by Sharkpeers are traceable and automated.

Build better business
with Sharkbate.