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Working at a startup sounds like a cool way to kick start ones career. To some, switching career path can be a scary jourrney too. It means so much to turn personal beliefs and work towards a future together with your team.

What it feels like to work in Sharkbate?

“It is passion, vision and innovation that turns good ideas to great one. And doing this with the right team, accelerates the process more.” - Richard Leow

At Sharkbate, we believe in what we do, and only do what we believe in. If you think you have what it takes to join us, send us a self introduction and let’s get connected! [email protected]

Open Positions

Customer Account Manager

Our focus: Create professional and seamless customer experiences and maintain positive relationship with every customers.

Skills required: Customer Service, Communication, Time Management, Detail Oriented.

Job description:

  • Deliver Customer-Focused Solutions
  • Comminicating Progress of Initiatives
  • Forecasting Account Metrics
  • Preparing Reports

Social Media Manager

Our focus: Build and Grow Sharkbate's branding in accordance with our corporate image and be awesome in creating awareness in our target market.

Skills required: Strategy planning, Social Media KPI and analytics, Critical thinking and Problem Solving,Presentation and Interpersonal.

Job description:

  • Develop, implement and manage our social media strategy
  • Collaborate with Marketing and sales and products development teams
  • Monitor SEO and user engagement
  • Graphic design skill is an advantage but not a must

System Developer

Our focus: BTo develop and implement applications and programs from backend processing systems used in all events.

Skills required: Mathematical aptitude, Creative Problem Solving, Full Stack Developer, Time Management, Self-development, Team work.

Job description:

  • Understand and adapt to client's requirements and propose the solution
  • Using developmet tools to write and test code to develop the solution
  • Testing and modifying systems to ensure reliable operating system
  • User training and support